Dangers of Ego-Depletion  

Guest post on Tim Ferris’s blog by Dan Ariely

Tim: I’ve always suspected that we start each day with a limited number of decision-making points that, once depleted, leave us cognitively impaired. This is part of the reason that automating minutiae, adopting rituals, and applying creativity only where it’s most valuable (e.g. not deciding what to eat for breakfast) is so important to me.
Dan: Eventually, when we’ve said “no” to enough yummy food, drinks, potential purchases, and forced ourselves to do enough unwanted chores, we find ourselves in a state called ego-depletion, where we don’t have any more energy to make good decisions…

An important concept, and compelling. While this post is particularly pitched toward the subject of food, the implications for decision making in general, for managers and workers at all levels, is strong.

August 14th, 2012